The Mummy Demastered Review

By | March 17, 2022

The Mummy Demastered Review

The Mummy Demastered is an attractive side-scrolling action game from WayForward that tries to makes the most of a gloomy license.

The Mummy Demastered Review – Button Smash

In the 29th episode of Button Smash Fabian reviews The Mummy Demastered. Inspired by the lackluster, Hollywood re-imagining of The Mummy, this retro inspired adventure puts the player in the role of an unnamed soldier in the ranks of Mr. Hyde’s Prodigium organization. As the evil Princess Ahmanet returns from the world of the dead and unleashes her army of monsters, it’s up to Prodigium to end her once and for all. Subscribe, like, and enjoy!

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The Mummy Demastered Review

Today I’ve got a real winner for you all, The Mummy Demastered. This fantastic game is for anyone who even remotely enjoys Metroidvania games.

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The Mummy: Demastered – First hour gameplay [Nintendo Switch, 4K, 60 fps]

This moody pixel art game was released in 2017. I’m playing now on the Nintendo Switch with video captured at 1080p and upscaled to 4K. The synthwave music soundtrack is brilliant. It is moody with loud thumping beats, and goes perfectly with the haunted ambience. It really gives me the old 16-bit vibes with the likes of Castlevania, Metroid, and Ghouls & Ghosts. It is available on nearly every gaming platform. It’s perfect for a Switch or Steam Deck.

A powerful ancient evil has arisen, and the war to save humanity has begun! The Mummy Demastered throws you into a 16-bit-inspired battle against the undead in a 2D, nonlinear, action-packed adventure. As an elite agent in the monster-hunting Prodigium organization, you must use a variety of weapons, upgrades, and mysterious artifacts to defend mankind against the supernatural hordes of Princess Ahmanet. Your Prodigium unit is already on the scene, but HQ lost contact with them hours ago. Only by exploring tombs, forests, abandoned tunnels, and the cursed streets of London will you discover the fate of your allies. But beware – Ahmanet commands legions of undead, insects, plague-ridden vermin, and worse! If you’re not careful, you’ll be the next soul in her army.

The Mummy Demastered Review (Switch)

Its like the new Mummy not the older Mummy but an older version of the newer one. Got it? Good.