Fanatical Is Giving Away Huge Bundle Of Gaming Gear

By | October 14, 2021

Fanatical Is Giving Away Huge Bundle Of Gaming Gear

Fanatical has teamed up with GameSpot to give away $4,000 worth of PC gaming gear and accessories.

14 Incredible Tiger Battles Caught On Film

The tiger is an apex predator that feeds mostly on ungulates like deer and wild boar. It is a territorial and solitary but gregarious predator that requires huge continuous regions of habitat to meet its prey requirements and offspring rearing. Have you ever seen a tiger hunt a python? What about a crocodile? If you like tigers, and even if you don’t, it’s time to watch as we count down 14 incredible tiger battles caught on film.

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Tiger Vs Cow

Tigers will hunt whatever they can get their paws on, so if they happen to come across a bunch of cows, they will definitely make a go at it. In our first clip, this overweight tiger seems to have hit the jackpot as this cow was placed in its enclosure. The tiger begins the chase, but it is extremely slow, so it takes quite a bit of time for it to catch up to the cow. What I don’t understand is there are spectators watching this hunt. Is this a new concept for a circus I haven’t heard about? I guess it is, because a tractor removes the dead cow after the kill.

I honestly didn’t think humans could stoop so low, but I guess I’m not surprised. These tigers live in a tiger resort because tigers are lone hunters, so having so many tigers in the same place, can only mean one thing. It’s lunchtime at the tiger resort. Finally, this tiger sneaks up on a cow and tackles it from behind. The cow fights back, but the tiger is too powerful. The cow succumbs and the tiger eats

Tiger Vs Tiger

Tigers would hunt each other if there was a reason, but it is not in their nature. The felines compete for territory, and they ferociously defend that territory from other tigers. They may expand their territory to include places with a healthy prey base. These two tigers are involved in a crazy fight, but that’s because they share the same enclosure. However, two tigers fighting can be cute, just like these two little ones in this video. Next, these two tigers seem to be gearing up for a conflict as they study one another, slowly circling each other.

Is anything going to happen, or is this part of a friendly ritual? In this video, two tigers stare at one another on this roadside, until they clash and go at it furiously. Now, this is a battle worth filming! They get back up again and being the starting game once more, until the next episode which we don’t get to see. Finally, another violent clash of epic proportions occurs when this huge tiger flanks another tiger and they go at it for a few seconds, until one of the tigers stays lying down on the ground. overview and giveaway – FREE GAMES

In a recent video for Humble Choice somebody mentioned Fanatical, so I thought I’d check it out and give away the games that I purchased.
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