Destiny 2 Witch Queen Story Explained: The Witness, Savathun’s Plans, And What It All Means

By | March 17, 2022

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Story Explained: The Witness, Savathun’s Plans, And What It All Means

A lot happens in the story campaign of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, setting up the game’s next chapter. Here’s everything that happened, what the deal is with the Witness, and what’s coming next.

Destiny 2 – THIS WAS THE WITNESS! Controlling Your Guardian and Plan To Weaponize Darkness

Hey Guardians! Today we look back at our Guardians interactions with the Darkness. Most prior interactions with the Pyramid ship had the darkness beckon us closer.. To use powers of the dark to achieve our goals. The Witness has been plotting this for a long time, even appearing when least expected.

“Destiny 2 The Witness”
“Destiny 2 How The Witness Corrupted Our Guardian”
“Destiny 2 Lore”
“Destiny 2 The Darkness”

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Destiny 2 – THE WITNESS! Witch Queen Ending, Dark Army, Final Shape, MORE!

Today we discuss who the Witness is in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. The Final showdown between light and darkness is on it’s way.. And the latest Expansion “Witch Queen” sets up these events! Introducing the voice in the darkness.. The race behind the pyramid ships and more!

“Destiny 2 The Witness”
“Destiny 2 The Upended”
“Destiny 2 Darkness Race”
“Destiny Darkness Lore”

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Destiny 2 – VOW RAID STORY! The Witness And Disciples Evil Plan For The Hive!

Hey Guardians! In this video we discuss the lore and story behind the Vow Of The Disciple Raid in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen! Learn how the Pyramid got inside Savathun’s throne world alongside it’s disciple Rhulk! Also what the ancient evil imprisoned within actually is! Secrets about the Witness and tons more!

Rhulk’s Insane Past:

“Destiny 2 Vow Of The Disciple Lore”
“Destiny 2 New Raid Lore”
“Destiny 2 Rhulk”
“Destiny 2 The Disciple and Witness”

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The Entire Story Of Destiny! (Creation To Witch Queen)

Hey Guardians! Today we recap Destiny’s entire story and timeline! From the events that took place thousands of years ago to Destiny 1 and all the way up to Witch Queen.. Here’s everything you need to know to get ready for the next expansion launching in 2022! Enjoy

Time Stamps:
Intro 0:00
The Hive 1:39
The Vex 3:55
The Fallen 4:38
The Cabal 5:04
5:51 Pre-Golden Age
6:29 Arrival Of The Traveler
7:46 The Golden Age
8:34 The Collapse
10:09 Ghosts
10:58 Warlords Of The Dark Age
12:08 Iron Lords And City Creation
12:44 Guardians
13:05 Guardian Races: Human, Awoken And Exo
14:41 Destiny 1
15:36 Leaders: Speaker & Vanguard
10:19 The Dark Below
21:40 The House Of Wolves
23:54 The Taken King
27:50 Rise Of Iron
31:20 Destiny 2 – The Red War
38:42 The Darkness Awakens
40:24 The New Golden Age
40:33 Leviathan And Calus
42:02 The Curse Of Osiris
46:03 Warmind
49:32 Forsaken
56:23 The Dreaming City
59:50 Savathuns Wish & Plan
1:01:23 Queen Mara Returns
1:02:01 Uldren Plot Twist
1:02:50 Season Of The Forge
1:06:03 Season Of The Drifter
1:07:54 The Nine
1:10:13 Season Of Opulence
1:12:07 Shadowkeep
1:17:16 Season Of The Undying
1:18:31 Season Of Dawn
1:21:57 Season Of The Worthy
1:25:22 Season Of The Arrivals (Darkness)
1:32:33 Beyond Light
1:39:38 Deep Stone Crypt & Clovis Bray
1:43:59 Season Of The Hunt
1:51:27 Season Of The Chosen
1:59:47 Presage Mission
2:01:42 Season Of The Splicer
2:09:40 Season Of The Lost
2:12:40 Savathun’s Master Plan
2:20:17 Witch Queen

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